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October 1, 2013   Posted by: Indy

Effects of the US Government Shutdown on International Trade

With effect from Midnight on 30th September, the US Federal Government has ‘shut down’ due to a lapse in federal funding. Essential services are being maintained, but those services considered non essential remain unfunded.

This will have an impact on the processing of government operations in support of international trade to and from the US, particularly where manual activities such as inspection may be requir

ed. Depending on how long the shutdown continues, we can also expect problems due to the lack of support for automated functions.

U.S Customs / CBP have advised on a recent teleconference that ports are open for business and that front line officers and agriculture officers are essential personnel and are in full force.  Revenue collection areas such as import specialists, entry specialists, FP&F, Seizure are all in full force.  All hours of service at all ports are normal at this time—which includes overtime.   The areas that could be impacted would be post release functions and there will likely be challenges due to the absence of mission support and technical personnel.

In addition, we are expecting issues with APHIS, EPA (97% of staff on furlough), FDA (65% of staff on furlough), FMC, U.S.Census Bureau,  US International Trade Commission.

Further general information on the effects of the federal shutdown can be found at the following websites :
General – and
Customs –
Census Bureau –

We will of course keep everyone updated on the impact to specific shipments, but please don’t hesitate to let us know if you have any questions or queries.

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