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November 30, 2014   Posted by: Indy

Exhibiting at INDEX Dubai ?

Be among the first to take advantage of the Show Marketing Programme

The Show organisers are keen to take an active part in your Pre Show Marketing activities – marketing your products and services to their extensive database of potential visitors and industry stylemakers.

Download the marketing form from the link below, and return to us at and we will make sure that your products have the best opportunity to feature in all of the opportunities as below.

Marketing Forms available for download here, or email us and we will be pleased to send you a copy.

The earlier we have your form completed and returned to us, the sooner we will have your products featured !

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November 25, 2014   Posted by: Indy

There is always next year !

Having been soundly trounced by division rivals Green Bay Packers in both of this season’s games, Stewart Brown and Chicago Bears fans at Independent fulfil one of this year’s terms of the annual wager with a Wisconsin based furniture client by wearing the ‘Cheesehead’ hat unique to Packers Fans.

Independent Staff Lose this year’s Bears/Packers challenge !

The only two comments from the Bears fans on this year’s result – the hat is certainly unique and there is always next year (or maybe the year after, or even the one after that …)

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