Dubai is attempting a new world first, and once again it is the city’s architecture that is making waves, though not in the form that one might expect. This is not an attempt to build bigger and bolder – this is a project to build smarter

Today plans have been announced for the world’s first fully functional 3D printed building  to be created in Dubai. The new ‘office’ building will be printed from a huge 20-foot printer, that will layer sturdy materials such as special reinforced concrete (SRC), glass fibre reinforced gypsum (GRG) and fibre reinforced plastic (FRP) upon layers, to build a full scale and entirely functional stand alone building.

It will be printed and assembled on site, in a matter of days. This advanced feat will certainly establish the UAE’s position as a global centre of technology in architecture construction and design.

Museum of the Future to build first 3D-printed office

“This project reflects the vision of our leadership here in Dubai,” His Excellency Al Gergawi, the chairman of the UAE National Innovation Committee said. “We are keen to use the latest technologies to simplify people’s lives and to serve them better… The idea of 3D printing buildings was once a dream, but today it has become a reality,” he added.

Museum of the Future to build first 3D-printed office

This could be the start of a new future for construction and it has the potential to do a lot of good. It is estimated by experts that 3D printing technology can reduce the production time of buildings by up to 70 percent and can save between 30 and 60 percent of construction waste

The project is a collaboration between Dubai and WinSun Global along with leading global architecture and engineering firms Gensler, Thornton Thomasetti, and Syska Hennessy.

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