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January 22, 2016   Posted by: Indy

Major Winter Storm Affecting Logistics in Eastern U.S. with impacts for shipments throughout USA

Air and land transportation in the Eastern United States is expected to be disrupted over the next three days and beyond as Winter Storm Jonas dumps snow and ice on a large portion of the country from the Carolinas through New England. The storm has already hit the Mid Atlantic states, with snowfall reported in North Carolina and 1-2 feet expected in eastern Kentucky, West Virginia, southern Pennsylvania and New Jersey.

The storm is expected to hit Washington, DC and Virginia later on Friday, with 1-3 feet of snow expected in the area. As the storm moves north, some 8-12 inches of snow is forecast for New York City through Saturday and into Sunday.

The anticipated impact of the storm on transportation infrastructure is significant:


U.S eastern railroads, parcel providers and trucking companies are warning shippers that the storm with blizzard conditions affecting 18 states will delay shipments Friday and through the weekend.

U.S. North Atlantic ports are shortening their operating hours in preparation for Winter Storm Jonas. Much of the Mid-Atlantic and Northeast, as far west as the Tennessee-Missouri border, and north as Connecticut, was under a mix of winter storm, blizzard, and flood warnings and watches, with Jonas threatening to dump anywhere from six to 30 inches of snow and precipitation on the Eastern U.S.


Over 5,000 flights in the United States have been cancelled through Saturday.
American Airlines has canceled all flights from New York’s Kennedy, LaGuardia, and Newark Airports as of Saturday afternoon
United Airlines has canceled all flights from Washington Dulles Airport and other airports in the Mid-Atlantic United States as of Friday afternoon.
All flight operations at Philadelphia International Airport will be cancelled Saturday


Significant disruptions on major highways from North Carolina and Tennessee through New York.
Interstate 81 – a key highway linking the Northeast United States with the Mid-Atlantic – may be closed during the storm.

courtesy : CNN, The Weather Channel, JOC

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November 29, 2015   Posted by: Indy

The floorplan for the Campus – workspace at INDEX Dubai 2016 is now open

Confirm your space early for the best locations and monthly product showcases

We are pleased to announce that the Campus floorplan for the 2016 INDEX exhibition in Dubai is now open for bookings.

Located in prime position at the show, the Campus package once again provides an all cost including freight from the US, complete stand design and build, lighting, electrical and all service charges.

Additionally for this year, and exclusively to North American exhibitors, the show organisers are allowing us access to their $ 2m marketing campaign, with an email blast every month showcasing products from North American manufacturers who have confirmed space at the 2016 show.

To take advantage of this exclusive opportunity, and to ensure prime location within the Campus at the 2016 show, please contact us at or +1 (847) 640 7277 to finalise your arrangements.

Once you have your space confirmed, you can start bringing your products to the attention of the world’s fastest growing market for your products !

2015 Post Show Report – Available for download here
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October 21, 2015   Posted by: Indy

Uncover the Facts

According to CEIR* research, exhibitions generate more qualified sales leads compared to any other marketing channels. But do trade shows work as a smart investment for companies and do they still have a place in your business strategy?

The answer is a definite yes on both counts. Here is why:


It is true that online marketing continues to be a popular low cost technique, however online lead generation is a timely process. Exhibitions offer invaluable face-to-face networking opportunities that online marketing cannot provide.


Trade shows are unique in that you are surrounded by thousands of new potential leads for your business. At workspace at INDEX, these are pre-qualified for you, so you can easily identify members of the Design Buyers Club, the Retail Buyers Club and The One VIP. Remember, 60% of visitors to workspace at INDEX 2015 were either decision makers or buyers and 22% of visitors had a purchasing authority in excess of $1 Million. So, each attendee of a trade show is a potential lead waiting to be captured.


Trade shows remain an exclusive marketing medium as they offer direct engagement with your industry. They are an investment in the process of business development and should be considered as such. Don’t forget, when it comes to influencing a decision, nothing can beat a face-to-face meeting. In 2015, workspace at INDEX brought together 16,800 members of the design community!


Yes, you usually won’t be the only company that offers a specific product at an exhibition. Win the exhibition battle by using innovative techniques to gather a crowd. Draw in buyers to your stand and remember, if you are not present, your competitor wins.




how to CONTACT the TEAM:

+1 (847) 640 7277
* Center for Exhibition Industry Research (CEIR) Research Report: Let the Numbers Fight for You

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September 30, 2015   Posted by: Indy

What’s new for INDEX Dubai 2016


The 2016 edition of WORKSPACE AT INDEX underlines the beginning of a new Commercial era, as it celebrates its 15th ANNIVERSARY, displaying new product profiles for Commercial, Educational and Healthcare Design

As the only large-scale exhibition for global suppliers of commercial interior design products and services in the region, workspace at INDEX is the annual event where businesses meet to create new sales leads, build brand visibility and benefit from exposure to $1.6* billion worth of business opportunities. workspace at INDEX 2016 will showcase the best in international design from the following industries:


Architectural & Design Practices / Interior Landscaping • Turnkey / Joinery Services • Design Software



Glass Doors • Moveable Walls / Partitions • Acoustic Screens • Lighting Solutions • Raised Access Floors • Suspended Ceilings • Air-Conditioning and Ventilation Systems



Auditorium / Public Seating / Stadium Solutions • Boardroom / Conference Furniture • Desks & Tables • Seating Solutions • Recreational/ Urban Furniture • Pedestals & Cabinets



Office Supplies & Accessories • Management Consultancies • Office Relocation Specialists • Office Equipment • Training Solutions



Archiving/ Storage Systems • Casegoods & Filing Systems • Mobile Shelving



Workstations • Audio Visual Presentation/ Interactive Whiteboards/ Marker Boards • Integrated Media Technology • Hardware and Software Solutions • Commercial Telecommunications Solutions • Office Cabling and Switches • Security Systems


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July 17, 2015   Posted by: Indy

GCC Building Construction and Interiors Report 2015

We are pleased to bring you with our compliments, and courtesy of workspace at INDEX, the 2015 Ventures-ME report on Construction and Interiors within the GCC region, with sector and country specific analysis of activity within 2014 and 2015, including named project spend.
With overall market statistics and named project information, the report once again provides unique detail on the commercial, education and healthcare fit out opportunities available to North American companies in the Middle East region.

We are pleased to offer the current report for download from our website as below :

Full Report from here

Report Extract for commercial, education and healthcare sectors from here

Report extract – Tables only from here

The full report includes individual sector reports for Commercial, Hospitality, Residential, Healthcare, Educational Sectors by country within the region- some highlights include :
– Construction projects in the region worth over US$ 91bn were awarded to contractors in 2014, and developmental spend is likely to continue to push up projects to reach US$ 104bn for 2015.
– Fit out projects completed within 2015 in the region are expected to total US$ 7.99 bn across all sectors

Download full report from here

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June 3, 2015   Posted by: Indy

workspace INDEX Dubai 2015

CN3_9753CN1_7329  CN1_7783CN3_9865CN3_9867NP4_4485  CN2_8665_CE40627 CN3_9858_CE40665CN1_7778NP2_3254 CN1_7787NP4_4486  _CE40648_CE40704_CE18920_CE18926  CN2_8656_CE40438   NP1_2018_CE40662     _CE18925_CE18924_CE18923CN1_7775_CE40710CN3_9840    _CE18944CN1_7764IMG_1106IMG_1131

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May 22, 2015   Posted by: Indy

Images from workspace – INDEX Dubai 2015



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May 14, 2015   Posted by: Indy

Workspace at INDEX Dubai builds

The preparations for a successful workspace exhibition have already started in Dubai.

IMG_1038 IMG_1039 IMG_1041

We will keep you updated as the Campus takes shape !

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March 25, 2015   Posted by: Indy

Freight disruption on West Coast causes Furniture delay

Extract of article in Monday March 23, 2015  by Rob Kirkbride


When West Coast dockworker unions decided to stage a slowdown to protest stagnant contract talks, it tied up seaports responsible for handling about $1 trillion in cargo annually, mostly imports from Asia. That might not seem like a big deal to the office furniture industry, unless, of course, you want those casters made in Vietnam or the seat pans made in China that you need to build your chairs.

The office furniture industry like every industry is reliant on offshore components. That means shipping disputes like the one that involved 29 ports from San Diego to Seattle, can affect the industry more than many understand. The ports affected by the labor dispute handle about one-quarter of all U.S. international trade, including a great deal of office furniture.

The strike ended late last month, but Stewart Brown of Independent Freight International, said the ripples from the labor strife will take months to smooth out. Brown specializes in handling freight for the office furniture industry. ‘Equipment is still tight, he said. It might take another month of two to get the affected vessels back on schedule and get containers where you need them. Hopefully, we dont have to face this kind of excitement again anytime soon.

The standoff was a nightmare for U.S. businesses that use the West Coast ports to import and export their goods. For weeks, vessels carrying thousands of containers sat on the waterfront waiting to be loaded or unloaded and the problem grew exponentially worse when the union temporarily stopped all loading and unloading of ships last month.

When ships are sitting off the West Coast waiting to be unloaded because of a labor dispute, it throws the whole system off. About 68 percent of all shipping containers come through those ports. If the containers are not coming onshore, they are not going back out with exports either. That means outgoing office furniture shipments also were delayed by the strike.

Added to the shipping problems, East Coast ports, which were used to ease the strike backlog, were quickly clogged by the increase in traffic. The East Coast ports also slogged through a harsh winter. Its enough to make a shipping expert pull out his hair. But Brown has seen his share of shipping issues around the world to know it is beyond anyones control.

‘You just try to keep people informed about whats going on, he said. You always have to keep them involved.

Brown also advises his customers to book early and plan ahead as much as possible. He works on multiple bookings for single shipments, which gives the shipper options should problems arise.

‘Every industry was impacted, including office furniture, he said. ‘In todays world, driven by logistics, where parts are shipped to China for assembly and shipped back to the U.S. for finishing, once you start messing with the supply chain, you are going to have problems.

Brown has spent years pushing the office furniture industry to seek markets overseas. He promotes an annual office furniture show in Dubai and works tirelessly to convince office furniture makers to expand into international markets.

‘Things like this do not help, he said. ‘I always actively try to promote export to people in the industry. Still, most of the U.S. office furniture manufacturing base has direct experience in the import process. They understand the issues that affect logistics.

For Rob’s full article, please go to


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February 22, 2015   Posted by: Indy

West Coast Ports Announce Labour Deal

A return to normality will take time



The good news is that the ILWU Labour Union and the port management association PMA announced a deal which will end the slowdown at West Coast Ports.

A few months after the last contract expired in July, activity at the ports began to dramatically slow and the situation continued to deteriorate between the parties, including a temporary suspension of vessel operations over President’s Day weekend.

Trade experts said that it could be months before ports were operating at their normal pace. “There will be significant backlogs to clear, and everyone has a part to help restore confidence that the West Coast and the United States are open for business,” said Jay Timmons, President and CEO of the National Assn. of Manufacturers.

Even before the union was accused of slowing operations in November, the ports had struggled with delays for months. A truck trailer shortage and the increased reliance on massive container vessels contributed to the worst freight backlog in a decade at the San Pedro ports. At the Los Angeles port, a single ship now often carries 14,000 containers. Two years ago, a large ship would have held 8,000 to 10,000 of the steel boxes.

But for now, the anxiety that has shrouded the Southland seems to be lifting. For the first time since the employer group began cutting evening and late-night hours in early January, full shifts are expected to resume at the docks this weekend.

Unfortunately, the combination of the slow down in the West Coast ports together with the severe weather on the East Coast has caused a severe shortage of container equipment throughout the USA and reduced space availability on outbound vessels for export from the US, particularly for shipments to destinations on the Pacific trade lanes.

We are also expecting increased strain on rail and haulage resources as delayed inbound containers are released back in to the system.

We will continue to keep you posted on progress !

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